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Building smarter solutions that focus on growth and continuity

Hagelunie is a leading Dutch insurance company specialising in glass horticultural with cutting-edge expertise for growing agricultural products in Europe and the world. Our progressive approach is based on working together by building smarter solutions that focus on growth and continuity.

Latest news & tips

We continue our activities in the UK

We would like to inform our UK clients about the effect of Brexit on UK operations. From January 1st there is a temporary consent regime in place (TPR). The EU and UK has enacted legislation which allows companies who want to continue to operate in the UK to do so for three years after the Brexit date. Hagelunie will take full advantage of this legislation.

Pay attention to LED

LED lighting is gaining more and more ground. This is due to the higher efficiency in light output and greater possibilities for choosing crop-specific lighting and energy savings. Not all LED fixtures are suitable for the conditions in the greenhouse, and that is precisely why it is important that you, as an entrepreneur, make good choices. Join forces with suppliers and installers who have experience with greenhouse horticulture and greenhouse growing conditions

Then make safe choices 

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