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Building smarter solutions that focus on growth and continuity

Hagelunie is a leading Dutch insurance company specialising in glass horticultural with cutting-edge expertise for growing agricultural products in Europe and the world. Our progressive approach is based on working together by building smarter solutions that focus on growth and continuity.

Latest news & tips

5 Useful Tips to Ensure Virus-Free Water
How you can keep a drain water disinfector functioning optimally

Did you know there are risks associated with the reuse of drain water? Viruses and fungi which are present in the drain water can be spread throughout the greenhouse when recirculated. The attention for prevention and control of viruses such as ToBRFV has increased in the recent years. Good prevention also includes disinfection of drain water and maintenance of the drain water disinfector.

Water silos as a creeping risk
Stand at the helm as a sector

When you invest in new or replace existing water silos, it is important to understand the added security available and have a regular inspection schedule of these silos during their lifetime. Silos used for the storage of rainwater and feed water are a must in the horticulture industry. Hundreds of cubic meters of water can be stored efficiently, but there is a danger in this.

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