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Minimum distance for screens

Mimimum distance between the screen en Son-T light in centimeters.



Standard screen (combustible)

Fire retardant screen

complying with NTA 8825 class 1

Fire retardant screen

complying with NTA 8825 class 2

Type of lighting fixture


- Metal fixtures,
(totally closed with electronic ballast     equipment)






20 or 45*


- Metal fixtures
(traditional fixtures, with cooling apertures)










- Plastic fixtures
(special conditions apply to these lights, contact Hagelunie)  








* In case the fixtures are connected under the girders and therefore under the screen package, a distance of 45 centimeter applies.


Minimum distance between screen and distribution box

Type of distribution box

           Distance to screen

Plastic distribution box (Halyester)

                   100 cm

Metal distribution box

                     50 cm



In case of a fire retardent screen (class 1 NTA 8825) the distance between the distribution box and screen is irrelevant.


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