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Working Together.

Great operators stand the test of time. Our approach is driven by the achievements of working together. We are prepared for the best today and aim for the greatest tomorrow.


Our insurance products are designed for greenhouse businesses

Hagelunie is an insurance company solely focusing on the greenhouse horticultural industry, offering insurance products to businesses operating in this sector in Europe, Australia and Canada. We insure greenhouses, commercial buildings, inventories, installations, the crops grown in greenhouses and business interruption.


Together we can insure continuity

Advice for greenhouse horticulture companies worldwide
Besides our insurance solutions we also provide risk advice and risk services on a consultancy basis. Our specialists have a broad technical knowledge of greenhouse horticulture and are highly educated in risk management. Together we can support you, on a risk based perspective, in optimizing and achieving your business objectives. For instance:small adjustments in the construction often have a huge effect over time on the sustainability, continuity and insurability of your business. Therefore don’t hesitate and contact our specialists in the planning phase of your new greenhouse and installations.  

Discussing risks and solutions together
We believe that prevention is key to your business continuity. Therefore Hagelunie will make regular on-site visits to your business. We will work with you to assess the various risks to which your greenhouse horticultural business is exposed and will determine the best way to mitigate these risks. Our employees have in-depth knowledge of the latest trends and developments in the sector. We are well versed in areas such as greenhouse construction, systems, technology, crops, means of production, lighting, climate and logistics. We know what it means when one of the links in the chain breaks down or becomes defective. We provide you with advice and set out the options you have to mitigate your risk and improve the continuity of your business processes.

If you suffer loss or damage, we’ll make sure you’re back in business as soon as possible!
If your business suffers damage or loss, we will be right there to support you. We offer you more than a financial compensation. It’s the continuity that counts. Hagelunie employs its own team of experts and appraisers, along with a large international network of suppliers and repair companies. Together with the greenhouse builders and installers (HortiQ Hagelunie) we will support you with advice and practical measures and initiate the repair process the soonest. This is how we reduce consequential loss, so you can be up and running again as soon as possible.

If you have suffered loss or damage, call us at +31 79 568 99 55.  

More information or specific advice?
Feel free to contact one of our brokers or the Hagelunie Desk.

Contacts for Canada

Olaf van Marrewijk
Senior account executive / Risk engineer    

+31 6 53467582

Contacts for UK

Louis Vrieze
Risk specialist

+31 6 13411871

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