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Find the matching horticultural insurance for your business. We are here for you, every step of the way.

Our goal is to provide you with the quality insurance coverages and risk management your greenhouse business needs to meet today’s challenges. By partnering with us, we work with you together to reduce losses, operate a safe business, and provide prompt claim settlements. With more than 80 years of experience in the horticultural industry, our knowledgeable experts deliver real value that drive positive change. Hagelunie is part of the Achmea Group, one of the largest players in the Dutch insurance market.

Company News

Explore growers’ stories with us at SIVAL 2024!

A harvest of inspiration and growth

Join Hagelunie at Booth 284 in Hall E from January 16-18, 2024, for a showcase of inspiring stories from French greenhouse growers. Discover practical tips for maintaining a thriving greenhouse business and insights into effective risk management. Let's cultivate success together!

Meet Hagelunie at Fruit Attraction 2023 in Madrid

We're excited to announce our participation in Fruit Attraction 2023. This international trade show for the fruit and vegetable industry is set to take place from October 3rd to 5th in the vibrant city of Madrid, Spain.


Washed Away Soil And Uneven Pipes – A Problem?

Getting Ready for Heavy Rain and Storms

Expect lots of rain and rough weather during autumn. We need to be ready for it. Sometimes, there are really heavy rain showers, and our drainage system can't handle all the water. This can lead to water spilling outside your greenhouse. What does this mean? Is your greenhouse truly waterproof? We're here to give you tips to help your greenhouse stay dry.

"Greenhouse roofs wear down through weather and wind"

The importance of greenhouse roof maintenance

Risk specialist Olaf van Marrewijk: "Greenhouses need regular maintenance. Loose or weak connections and wear on components can greatly reduce the storm resistance of a greenhouse. The majority of greenhouses in Canada have tempered glass without fins, and this is increasingly the case in the Netherlands as well. Regular inspections of your greenhouse can help identify potential issues, allowing you to address them before they become larger problems. We are happy to share practical examples with you, so you know what to look for during your inspection rounds."

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