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Have you noticed any errors on our site?

While the information contained on this website has been compiled with the greatest care and we aim for all information to be accurate and complete, we cannot guarantee it is error-free. We are not liable for any consequences of any errors. We are authorised to change the information contained on this website at any time. Your and our rights and obligations are specified in the product terms and conditions. If the content of these terms and conditions conflicts with the content on our website, the product terms and conditions apply.

If the site is not working properly

We make every effort to ensure that our website functions correctly, so as to ensure that all our visitors can view the information properly. We are not liable for the poor functioning or non-functioning of our website, e.g. if there is a technical problem or if the internet is down for whatever reason.

What if you send us an email?

We will not be liable for any failure to receive or process your email in time, nor for any other messages you may send to us electronically.

Does our site include links to other sites?

We are not liable for the content of any sites to which our website or any of our other media contains links.

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We remain the owner of the intellectual property rights to this website. It is not permitted to copy, download, publish, disseminate or reproduce information contained on this website without our prior written consent. You are permitted to copy and/or download the information contained on this website for personal use.