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Building smarter solutions that focus on growth and continuity

Hagelunie is a leading Dutch insurance company specialising in glass horticultural with cutting-edge expertise for growing agricultural products in Europe and the world. Our progressive approach is based on working together by building smarter solutions that focus on growth and continuity.

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Maintenance central heating feed water

In greenhouse horticulture, climate systems have grown into a complex whole of high-tech subsystems with heat pumps, CHPs, heat exchangers and cold and heat storage tanks. The quality of the feed water is one of the most important factors for the service life of these systems. We advise you to look into this together with your installer.


Also if things go wrong
Peter Heid had been insured with Hagelunie for just a month when his water silo burst open. A water silo inspection had been discussed upon acceptance, but given the short time frame, this inspection had not yet been carried out. Peter rents out his greenhouse to his brother-in-law Simon Höfler, where he also works as a manager.

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