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How we deal with fraud

Fraud Statement

How we deal with fraud

We believe that trust is important. You trust us and we trust you as a customer. We want to make sure that no one abuses this trust. Trust is important in the relationship we have with our customers. However, there is always a chance that customers abuse our trust by committing fraud. That is why we actively combat fraud, so that well-intentioned customers do not suffer any disadvantage from possible malicious parties.


What do we understand by fraud?

Fraud is defined as 'the deliberate (intentional) damaging of the insurer or bank in order to gain financially for oneself (or others)'.


Examples of fraud are:

  • Not providing correct information
  • Withholding medical information when purchasing income and/or life insurance
  • Falsifying invoices or adjusting amounts on invoices
  • Claiming more than the actual damage
  • Re-claiming a rejected claim
  • Staging a claim
  • Deliberately withholding information, such as a criminal past or previous exclusion from other insurers or banks.


What do we do to prevent fraud?

In order to prevent fraud, we screen our employees. The employees who are involved in preventing and combating fraud receive the necessary education and training. They can also attend conferences on fraud. We also invest in technology. We want to prevent malicious parties from being accepted as customers and us having to pay out fraudulent claims. Therefore, digital investigation can be part of the underwriting or claims process.


Suspected fraud

If we think someone is committing fraud, we will investigate. In doing so, we apply the rules of conduct that apply, such as the right to be heard and the right to be heard again. If it emerges that fraud is indeed taking place, we can take various measures, such as

  • not reimbursing a loss
  • reimburse a claim that has been paid
  • charging extra costs incurred
  • cancelling an insurance policy
  • saying goodbye to the fraudster by cancelling (all) his/her insurance with Achmea.


Questions about our fraud policy?

Do you have questions about our fraud policy? Contact us here.