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Build your greenhouse with a HortiQ certified builder and installer

The quality mark for greenhouse builders and installers

The quality of your greenhouse and materials are prerequisites for a successful business. That's why Hagelunie has been working closely with HortiQ for years.

Do you have construction plans? Build with a HortiQ certified builder and/or installer

Ensure yourself of a product of the highest quality that meets all requirements when building a new greenhouse. Choose a HortiQ certified company. HortiQ certified companies combine their strengths and continuously strive for the highest quality and innovation with state-of-the-art knowledge and technology. The certificate is proof of the craftsmanship of the builder and installer. They work according to clear procedures from design to construction, installation, and maintenance during use.

View the list of HortiQ certified companies here.

The HortiQ hallmark

The Netherlands is globally known as the leader in greenhouse construction and supply of associated machinery and installations. HortiQ was initiated by AVAG, the platform of suppliers in horticulture.

The HortiQ certificate has two forms:

• The HortiQ BRL 8000 certificate is a guarantee that the product quality of these goods meets the highest standards.

• The HortiQ BRL 8001 certificate is a quality certification of business processes. It confirms that the greenhouse builder, contractor, and installer work according to clear standards, procedures, and criteria, providing both the certified company and clients with certainty.

A Guarantee for Continuity
Hagelunie is involved in the development of the ISSO quality guidelines for greenhouses and greenhouse installations, ISSO 86, 87, and 88. These guidelines form the basis of the HortiQ certification. Our specialists participate in the technical committees, bringing practical knowledge of prevention and damage experience to the creation and specification of the quality guidelines in the ISSO manuals for greenhouse structures, heating installations, and water technical installations.

The greenhouse horticulture sector is focused on renewable energy and sustainability.
This means that all new greenhouses, machines, and installations are becoming greener. Within HortiQ, we ensure through the certification program that these more sustainable capital goods remain safe and reliable. Together with the industry, we are developing 3 ISSO books, which include qualifications that these goods must meet and how they should be properly installed. Incidentally, damage prevention through maintenance is also sustainable.

Do you want to know what the HortiQ certificate can mean for your company?

Are you planning to build or do you want to know more? Our risk experts are happy to tell you more about it. Please contact us.