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Business continuity plan


Horticulture stands for shiny healthy products and satisfied customers. But sometimes things just go wrong of nature disrupts your crop or other business processes. You do everything to minimize these risks by taking care of prevention and holding to maintenance schedules. But sometimes further actions are not economically feasible or the possible damage endangers you financial position to much. For these situations you can choose to insure.

But even a good insurance is no guarantee for continuity. Timely delivery of produce to your clients is of utmost importance. Besides the financial security through insurance you have to think of  how to handle situations before they occur. What if crucial suppliers fail? What if you can’t deliver your clients? It pays off to think over these possible situations and write a protocol how to react in case they appear. In other words writing a business continuity plan makes you capable to react better and more accurate in case of emergencies.

Some basics for a business continuity plan are:

  • Check your company for crucial factors like employees, buildings/installations/crops, grid/mains, IT and data, suppliers and reputation/trustworthiness.
  • Think of how to react if one of these factors lead to a disrupted process.
  • Determine what to do now and what to do after the disruption is there.
  • An action plan or a protocol can help you to react adequately

    Things you can prepare in advance are where to find external produce in case you can’t deliver your own, where can I find temporary capacity to handle fruit or house my office, which colleague can I ask to cooperate in case of emergency, how do I restore important data?

    In every days business these are not the first things to spend time on. But time is really well spent if you approach these action in a way of ‘If This - Than That’ and have it returning during your regular meetings.

    Our specialist are perfectly happy to assist you in creating this continuity plan if you like.