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Fire retardant ground cover

New screens (energy and or shading) in greenhouses must be of fire retardant quality. With the appliance of these climate screens a huge step was taken in fire safety of greenhouses. A next step in preventing fire spread  is the use of the recently introduced fire retardant ground covers. Especially greenhouses with artificial lights (hot falling parts when the lamps breaks), sulfur evaporators and the combination with dry old crop residues contains a higher risk on igniting. A ground cover fire causes nasty fire damage due to smoke and soot. Recently two providers (Erfgoed and Thrace NG) added a fire retardant versions to their program.

There is a big difference in the use of climate screens and ground cover. Therefore other fire classification requirements applies. A well know classification standard for climate screens is NTA 8825. This classification is not suited for testing ground covers. The ground cover can be  tested according to the European EN ISO 11925 / 9239 and 13501. An acceptable retardant version complies with the classification of Bfl S1.

For further information about the use and application, contact your installer/builder. Of course you can also e-mail or call us.

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