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Damage to CHP after maintenance

Recent observations amongst Hagelunie clients show an increase in the number of damages to a CHP closely after having the 30,000 hours revision or a big overhaul. At this stage no explicit reason is found but attention is needed.

One of the reasons could be that the CHP is dismantled and built together again with new or revised parts. At 30,000 hrs a revision of the engine is necessary which is often after a period of 5 – 10 years. During this revision, and later at the overhaul at 60,000 hrs, a lot of parts are opened, tested or replaced. All bolted together afterwards this leads to a more or less new machine. And the start up trouble that normally appears with new machines can easily appear after this service action.

So it is very important to check the CHP more often than just before
Minor disruptions can be detected in an early stage and dealt with. Hopefully leading to less bigger damages.

Check the maintenance contracts
Every new CHP is built with a maintenance plan, normally provided by the engine supplier. It states the required intervals between services, which oil should be used, the required water quality and what parts must be serviced and tested. This maintenance goes with a contract where the running hours are the incentive to plan servicing.

Several suppliers offer different contracts with differences in maintenance, testing oils, intervals, including or excluding the generator, including or excluding the machinery breakdown policy, etc.

It pays off to check this contract. Hagelunie can help you check it and advise on adjustments.

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