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Combined heat and power (CHP) system consulting & maintenance

If your CHP or medium-voltage system fails, your entire business will come to a standstill. Proper maintenance reduces the chance of downtime.

Take out a maintenance contract that suits your business 
Pay attention to the details of your maintenance contract. Does it fit the way you use your system? What is included in the maintenance contract, and what do you have to do yourself? 
Ensure the maintenance of your generator switch in your maintenance contract 
If the generator switch is not included in the maintenance contract, find a qualified maintenance company. 
Maintenance Check 
• Does your maintenance provider perform the agreed-upon maintenance? 
• Are revisions and partial revisions performed promptly? 
• Does your maintenance party properly update the logbook? 
• Are recommendations from the inspection followed and implemented? 
• Is the system delivered ready for operation and left orderly and clean after maintenance or repair?

What can you check yourself? 
• Whether oil or gas is leaking. Leakage indicates a defect. Have your system checked immediately if you detect a leak. 
• Oil consumption, running hours, gas consumption, ethylene, NO and NO2. By noting the values weekly, you can detect abnormalities quickly. Abnormalities may indicate a malfunction, and you should contact your maintenance company immediately.

Check the setup 
• Ensure adequate ventilation. 
• Ensure a fireproof enclosure. 
• Prevent moisture ingress. Repair broken windows on the greenhouse roof, check wall penetrations, check the roof seal and check for water under the stations. 
• Place covers over the control panels. 
• Ensure an approved foam or CO2 fire extinguisher that is easily accessible.  
• Ensure adequate fire detection.

You can insure the consequences of failure of your CHP system with the Hagelunie’s Bedrijven Compact Policy. Your insurance broker can tell you more about this.

More information 
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