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Complaints and disputes

Your opinion is important to us. 
Are you not satisfied or just very satisfied with how we answered a request or question? Please let us know.  
Do you have a complaint? 
Do you disagree with us? Then we would like to hear this. After all, we want to help you as best we can. 
- Please contact your advisor.  
- Or send us a letter or e-mail. Our address is: 
Hagelunie Desk 
P.O. Box 109 
2300 AC Leiden 
Complaints and disputes 
If you have filed a complaint with Hagelunie you will receive our first substantive response within 5 working days in any case. If it is not possible for us to answer your complaint within this period, we will let you know in writing or by e-mail. Of course, this message will also tell you when you can expect a response from us. 
You can always ask for a second review 
Do you disagree with our assessment of your complaint? Please let us know. We will then go through your complaint again with great care. And see if we may have overlooked something in our review. 
Do you have any questions or comments?  
Please send them to We are open to your opinion and are happy to answer your questions. 
Hagelunie | Contact 
Dellaertweg 1 
2316 WZ Leiden 
The Netherlands 
Tel +31 71 568 99 77 
Hagelunie is subject to Dutch law. Please check the laws of your own country to find out what else applies.