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Our insurance products are designed for greenhouse businesses

Insurance solutions for horticultural business

Hagelunie is a greenhouse insurer that offers specific insurance products for the greenhouse sector in Europe, Australia and Canada. Our goal is to insure and ensure the business continuity of the worldwide greenhouse horticultural sector. 

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We provide tailored services to our customers

We believe in prevention as the key to business continuity. That is why our horticulture experts regularly visit your company. Together, we look at the risks involved in your greenhouse horticulture business. Not only do we offer tailored insurance solutions, but we also provide risk management advice. Small adjustments in design and implementation can have a major impact on the quality, sustainability, continuity and insurability of your business in the long term.


Suffered from damage?

We are here to ensure you can be up and running again soon. Our insurance goes beyond financial compensation. We focus on your business continuity. With a dedicated team of experts and a large international network of suppliers and repair companies, we can advise and assists you together with greenhouse builders and installers (HortiQ Hagelunie). We will initiate the repair process with the right expertise and help you with a quick and quality post-damage recovery.

Suffered from damage?  Call us at +31 79 568 99 55.


More information?

Hagelunie will be pleased to help you if you have a question about your insurance or about changing it. Do you want to report a claim? Hagelunie is ready to help you.


More questions?

Please contact our Team Manager Rolf Oetelmans at or International Marketing & Business Development Manager Gertjan Prins at 


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Our mission is to insure and ensure the business continuity of the worldwide greenhouse horticultural sector.

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