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Hagelunie wins Netherlands-Canada Chamber of Commerce (NCCC) Business of the Year Award 2023

Celebrating our success Together

At the Luncheon event of NCCC on December 4th, Hagelunie was honored to win the Netherlands-Canada Chamber of Commerce (NCCC) Business of the Year Award 2023. Marie Groenhof, manager at Hagelunie: “This award is a true recognition of our dedication to successful market penetration. And also to our commitment to fostering cultural, insurance and greenhouse horticultural knowledge exchange between Canada and the Netherlands.”

New market penetration
The annual NCCC Business of the Year Award recognizes the efforts and successes of both Canadian and Dutch companies and is presented to us as we showed outstanding achievements in Canada. This year's theme, "new market penetration," perfectly aligns with our success in expanding our presence and making a lasting impact in the Canadian greenhouse horticulture market. At Hagelunie, we believe in contributing to trade and cultural exchange. This recognition reflects our true commitment. Canada – we’re here to stay.

With Onlia by Our Side: Navigating Canada Together
Achmea also has an international network of companies. Back in 2018, together with a Canadian insurer, Fairfax, we founded the online insurer Onlia. She works with InShared's online platform and offers online car and household insurance for private customers. Together, we've demonstrated a great understanding of the rules and regulations governing the Canadian insurance landscape.

Empowering Canadians together, Onlia Insurance and Achmea navigate the landscape of Canada.
In 2018, Onlia Insurance, a leader in property and casualty insurance, emerged through a strategic partnership between Achmea and Fairfax Financial Holdings. Utilizing InShared's platform, Onlia innovates by offering consumers the convenience of self-managing insurance online.

"At Onlia Insurance, innovation fuels our commitment to revolutionize Canadian car and home insurance. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we simplify the complex, offering a swift online quoting tool and unparalleled customer support. With Onlia, insurance is redefined – it's simple, clear, and easy to understand,” said Fleur Dujardin, President of Onlia Insurance. “Achmea’s ongoing success in this market is solidified with the licensing of Hagelunie demonstrating a collective dedication to pioneering excellence and continued insurance innovation in Canada.”

Cheers at the Luncheon Event: A Proud Moment
The award was proudly handed over at the Luncheon event on December 4, 2023. We were proud to have the new Canadian Ambassador to the Netherlands with us. Marie Groenhof, Manager Horticulture International, and Angelique de Wit, International Account Manager, expressed our thanks:

"We're truly honored to get the NCCC Business of the Year Award for 2023. This recognition shows how dedicated our team is and how plans to do business in new places are working. Many thanks to the NCCC and Onlia.”

Our Commitment: Keeping Greenhouse Growers in Business
Our main mission stays the same – helping greenhouse growers stay in business. We're eager to keep building a strong relationship between Canada and the Netherlands.

Learn More
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