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Regular monitoring of the generator increases the continuity of the CHP

Almost every modern veggie greenhouse uses a CHP to produce electricity, heat and CO2. A crucial part of the installation is the generator. Regular monitoring of the generator increases the continuity of the CHP.

What is the danger?

The CHP cabin is heavily ventilated. This causes dust and moisture to enter the cabin, which can lead to wear and tear of the insulation material, which deteriorates the performance and increases the risk of short-circuiting. Insurance statistics show that almost every generator more or less reaches this point before the end of the contract, often at 60,000 hours.

Regular monitoring of the insulation helps to improve the continuity of the CHP.

A regular check of the quality of the insulation gives more understanding of the present wear and tear. In addition, vibrations of the bearings can also be measured, and the standstill heating can be tested. Specialized teams can carry out these checks. A regular check from the start is important to collect data to be able to interpret inspections as soon as the generator has made its revs. In this way, the frequency of the checks can be determined based on the test results.

Would you like to know more about this?

Your local risk specialist can tell you more.

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