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How to prevent cybercrime

Botnet, ransomware, phishing, DDOS, trojan horse. All examples of methods hackers use to get access to your systems, to blackmail you, or to simply ruin your computer files. It’s all called cybercrime. Is it really a threat and what can you do against it?

More often strangers are trying to gain control of other people's computers. Most of the times it’s about blackmail where they want the computer owner to pay a significant amount to release it again. If you don’t pay, your files will be damaged. It gets more complicated when computer systems of power stations, public transportation or the process computer on the nursery get under attack and complete production processes can be ruined. Horticulture is just waiting for criminals to get control over a climate computer and endanger the crop!

In most situations companies, individuals and brokers refer to good cyber insurance. But this only finances a part of the financial damage and does not solve consequential damages, such as losing a client because you cannot fulfil your supply contracts. Prevention is crucial.

  • Use only secured equipment and official software.
  • Use a clear system of authorizations to access computers, software and   also offices.
  • Organize responsibility for computer updates and assign responsibility.
  • Keep a daily backup in a safe place. Off site and not in the server room!
  • Investigate how quickly you can restore software to prevent consequential damage.
  • Enhance the maturity in knowledge and behavior of employees and management. Because most cyber damage is caused by people itself.
  • Set up a code for the use of computers, tablets, smartphones and software.
  • Install software to detect dangerous mails.
  • Have a good risk assessment to find out about your critical processes, the impact of a cyber attack and what procedures you need to follow to prevent or repair such an attack.

Having a clear picture of the risk and how to deal with different situations will result in the highest level of preparedness for a cyber attack. Although it gives no guarantee and you can choose to have an insurance to cover the remaining risk. But awareness is the best remedy.

If you are unsure about your vulnerability to cyber attacks, our Hagelunie experts can help you find the right knowledge

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