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Safe repair of glasshouses

Repairing roof sheets is a very specific job to do. Because of the worldwide expansion of horticulture, craftsmen are not easily found or available. In an increasing number of situations you have to depend on yourself for a quick repair. 

A special repair set is perfect if a single sheet, or a small number of individual sheets, are broken. If more sheets are broken, immediate repair with glass makes more sense. To do so you need the right glazing materials like planks and scissor lifts that reach trellis height. And even if these are available, working with big glass sheets several meters above the floor remains a risky job. Also health and safety authorities are really focusing on these risks and demand a safe working environment.

Glass Handling Technic BV developed a dedicated Repair Shuttle for growers to be able to execute repairs themselves in a safe way. Using this shuttle provides you with a possibility to repair your roof from the outside, following a safe method that meets the CE standard. It contains a shuttle, a service plateau and a glass lift.

The availability of this equipment makes you more independent from repair crews. You will be able to fix the roof in the shortest possible time and minimize damage to your valuable crop.

Curious how this works? Look here to find an impression.

Naturally we are willing to inform you about the possibilities if this issue is something you worry about. You can also contact your glasshouse builder or use a direct line to Batist Aluminium Constructies BV if you want specific information about the shuttle.