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Storm is coming!

Although modern greenhouses are calculated to resist heavy storms. They still remain sensitive for storm damage. By exceeding wind pressure, through sudden wind gusts, or by loose things that blow against the greenhouse, the glass sheets can break and cause a progressive damage to your greenhouse and crops. What can you do to prevent damage? 

What can you do to prevent the chance of damage? 

  • Increase the storm resistance of your greenhouse by adding extra measures on the side of the greenhouse where the storm usually appears. For instance: increase the number of small sheets or add a windbreak next to or on the greenhouse
  • Regular maintenance. Repair all broken sheets and check the roof and gables for loose components every year.
  • Maintain a fair amount of glass and repair sets in stock.

Emergency plan: By thinking about a detailed emergency plan in advance, you are able to limit damage and get back into operation faster. We are happy to provide and help you in designing and developing a customized plan.

Measures shortly before and during the storm 

  • Safety first. Prevent injuries by falling glass.
    Warn all employees and leave the greenhouse at a wind force of 8 Beaufort and more.
  • Close all windows from a wind force of 8 Beaufort and more
    For detailed information read our article about closing the airvents 
  • Close the doors of greenhouses and buildings thoroughly
  • Remove stock, chest etc. around the greenhouse. (anything that the wind can carry into the air)
  • Open the screen (on a packet). This will prevent damage to the screen due to falling glass. If glass sheets breaks during the storm you can maintain the climate afterwards and prevent major crop loss.
  • Prevent ensuing damage to the greenhouse by relieving pressure. Broken sheets can lead to an overpressure in the greenhouse. You can relief this overpressure by opening the airvents on the other side of the greenhouse. For further explanation you can read our article about closing  the airvents.     

Measures after the storm to prevent ensuing damage

  • Make an inventory of the glass breakage
    This will help the repair group and supports you in making an efficient repair plan. The use of a drone can help to give a fast and detailed overview.
  • Mark the glass sheets that need to be repaired
    In this way you have an overview where the screen has to be repaired (the wires) and for food safety where to harvest or not.
  • Repair holes
    In case of a dozen broken sheets. Close the holes / apertures with repair sets or wooden/plastic plates as soon as possible. Place, when using aluminum gutters, a plastic sheet ( 4 mm, width of the glass sheet and height of 20 or 30 cm) in the aperture to prevent water from flowing into the greenhouse.  
  • Extra glass
    If you need extra glass: notify your glass supplier as soon as possible.A
    sk colleagues if you can borrow glass
  • Maintain the climate
    In case of broken sheets: open the screen after the storm to maintain the climate to prevent ensuing crop damage
  • Place a temporary partition wall  
    A part of the crop can often be saved by installing a temporary plastic partition wall. When placing a wall, pay attention to the separation of the air mechanic, screen and heating group.

If you want more information about this subject: please call or e-mail us .