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Prevent theft during construction

Here’s how you can safeguard your materials

Theft of construction materials is a frequent occurrence, posing challenges as delays are best avoided during construction. How can you prevent it?

Our damage records reveal that thieves are primarily targeting aluminum profiles and electrical tools, with fixtures also posing a risk for theft. Theft not only results in the loss of valuable items, but also leads to construction delays. When cables, lamps, or other essential items are stolen, it can take weeks or even months for replacement parts to be delivered, causing significant disruptions to the cultivation schedule. To prevent theft and delays, consider implementing the following measures:

Tips for the Planning Phase:

  • Ensure that only the necessary amount of aluminum is present on-site for daily processing.
  • Establish clear agreements with contractors (greenhouse builder and installers) regarding material storage.
  • Arrange with the greenhouse builder and installers that they assume the risk in case of theft, fostering collective interest in prevention.

    Tips if there are lamps on your premises:

  • Delay assembly of assimilation lamps (and possibly luminaire interiors) until just before commissioning, considering delivery times accordingly.
  • Limit the delivery of fixtures and lamps to what can be assembled within one day.
  • Require installers to bring the required number of lamps and fixtures daily.
  • Seal the greenhouse perimeter as soon as possible.

Tips for the Construction Phase:

  • Properly secure the construction site with fencing after working hours.
  • Illuminate the site adequately with construction lamps, including during nighttime.
  • Maintain continuous security surveillance even outside of construction hours.
  • Store aluminum rods and tools in a secure shed or container after hours.
  • Secure sheds or containers with VIP/TNO approved locks, SKG** insert security cylinder locks with locking bowls, burglar retardant hardware, and three security hinges (or at least three thieves' claws).
  • Prevent the theft of entire containers by securing engagement points or drawbars with locks.
  • After working hours, secure aerial work platforms, scissor elevators, ladders, and scaffolding to the structure with approved locks, removing ignition keys from locks.
  • Bolt fixtures securely to the structure.
  • Ensure lifting systems are low and cannot be easily accessed, making it harder to reach fixtures.
  • Deter theft and hinder resale by engraving your zip code into fixtures.

Prevention is better than cure!

Make sure that all valuable materials, tools, and functional fixtures are stored inside a shed or container after working hours. This way, you reduce the chances of theft.

For further information or inquiries, please reach out to your broker.

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