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Maintenance is important for a safe greenhouse

Hagelunie can provide guidance on performing maintenance

Greenhouses are standing for longer periods and being used more intensively. Storms, rain, and frost can have an impact on the quality of your greenhouse or commercial building. Therefore, it is important to regularly inspect your greenhouse or building. Pay attention to washed-away soil around your greenhouse, pipe subsidence, broken panes, and leaks.

Maintenance is necessary to keep the greenhouse strong. 
Because damage always starts at its weakest point. Hagelunie has created the Greenhouse Maintenance Checklist in collaboration with Glastuinbouw Nederland (Greenhouse the Netherlands - a leading entrepreneurial network in the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector, AVAG, and CSG. The list has been reviewed by TNO Bouw (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research - Construction). It includes the key elements for keeping greenhouses resilient. 

< Download the Hagelunie Greenhouse Maintenance Checklist here > 

Other language versions:
- Hagelunie Greenhouse Maintenance Checklist (French)
- Hagelunie Greenhouse Maintenance Checklist (German)

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