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Tips to prevent snow damage in greenhouse horticulture

Reduce the risk of broken windows and damage to your greenhouse structure. Follow our tips in this article.

Prevent snow damage: Greenhouses can carry a limited amount of snow. The weight of a snowpack can be considerable, especially if it persists or if it snows in combination with rain. Excessive weight can break windows or damage the greenhouse structure. A greenhouse can even collapse completely under the weight of snow.

Tip 1: Melt off the snow immediately 
 Melt of the snow immediately when it starts to snow. When you don't, the snow will act as an insulation blanket and cannot prevent further accretion and accumulation of snow. . 
Tip 2: Put your screen on a package 
In order to melt of the snow you need to open your curtains (on package). Snow pipes have in general not enough capacity to reach a temperature of 12 degree directly under the roof. This is also the reason that your heating capacity is calculated without the use of a screen. 

Tip 3: Be careful with high tube temperatures 
Be careful with high pipe temperature for those pipes who are close to the crop. Otherwise it can cause burning of leaves. 

Tip 4: Examine your gas contract 
Make sure that your gas contract is suited for heating the greenhouse without the use of curtains.

Report damage directly to  Hagelunie at +31 71 568 99 55 if things go wrong
If you have a glass greenhouse…
Note down the location accurately of the broken windows, to allow a glazier to repair them as quickly as possible. 
Make temporary repairs  as soon as possible by using repair sheets, polywood or stiff plastic sheets (16 mm). If your greenhouse is carried out with aluminum gutters, make sure to keep the water out with water conductor. Do this by marking spots where windows have been repaired to enable faster repair of the screen fabric and support wires. If you install an emergency wall, use sturdy materials and bubble wrap or double poly. Also, remember to take heating, ventilation and screening groups into account. 

If you have a poly greenhouse…
Try to temporarily close holes as soon as possible. Make sure that wind has as little influence as possible on the repaired part.

We are happy to help
It is important to know that you are not alone. Report damage to us as soon as possible so we can think along with you to limit the damage as much as possible.  

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