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In greenhouse horticulture, climate systems have grown into a complex whole of high-tech subsystems with heat pumps, CHPs, heat exchangers and cold and heat storage tanks. The quality of the feed water is one of the most important factors for the service life of these systems. We advise you to look into this together with your installer.

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On a fresh sunny morning driving along the heat storage tank it shows a small feather of vapour Leakage! Repairing the tank seems like a simple task, but where to go to with 5,000 m3 of water and how do I get the tank refilled?

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Also if things go wrong
Peter Heid had been insured with Hagelunie for just a month when his water silo burst open. A water silo inspection had been discussed upon acceptance, but given the short time frame, this inspection had not yet been carried out. Peter rents out his greenhouse to his brother-in-law Simon Höfler, where he also works as a manager.

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Transformers are an important link in the continuity of your lighting installation. Make sure you have a backup.

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In more and more countries, the demand for new technologies to limit fossil fuel dependence is increasing. New techniques lead to new risks. How can you safely embed this in your organisation?

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We would like to inform our UK clients about the effect of Brexit on UK operations. From January 1st there is a temporary consent regime in place (TPR). The EU and UK has enacted legislation which allows companies who want to continue to operate in the UK to do so for three years after the Brexit date. Hagelunie will take full advantage of this legislation.

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LED lighting is gaining more and more ground. This is due to the higher efficiency in light output and greater possibilities for choosing crop-specific lighting and energy savings. Not all LED fixtures are suitable for the conditions in the greenhouse, and that is precisely why it is important that you, as an entrepreneur, make good choices. Join forces with suppliers and installers who have experience with greenhouse horticulture and greenhouse growing conditions

Then make safe choices 

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Plant research uses an official rocket cress test to check their new cultivars for their vulnerability to greenhouse circumstances. Similar to that many growers were able to identify the cause of damage to their crops by using this indicator cress. Read more>>

Almost every modern veggie greenhouse uses a CHP to produce electricity, heat and CO2. A crucial part of the installation is the generator. Regular monitoring of the generator increases the continuity of the CHP.


Hortivation launches a global standard for positioning in greenhouses.

Start-up company Physee discovered a way to increase PAR transmission of glass to 107% by adjusting a specific coating to the glass. Read more>>

The start-up company Thermeleon developed a phase change catch of heat inside the glasshouse to contribute to zero CO2 emissions. First results show a possible decrease of gas consumption of 12 m3/m2 every year. Read more >>

The virus has a big impact on horticulture. Like in society a few ill persons aren’t the problem. But if many of your employees become ill at the same time, continuity is under threat. Read more >>

Hagelunie has been operating in Canada since 2016 and has grown strongly since then. Thanks to this growth and our confidence in the Canadian horticulture market, we have taken the next step.


The storm of Sunday, February 9th mainly caused damage from fallen trees. There was not much damage to greenhouses. The coming weekend the next storm (Dennis) is already predicted. How can you prepare?

How to prevent an explosion in your CHP and flue gas cleaner. Read more>>

Is your new greenhouse equipped with an identification plate? It’s one of the guidelines in the European standard for greenhouses. Read more >>

Is cybercrime really a threat? What can you do about it?

GreenTech is the global meeting place in horticulture technology. Come and meet us on 11, 12 or 13 June.
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Hagelunie is the newest partner of the Dutch Greenhouse Delta.

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Screens for greenhouses already exist in fire retardant versions for several years.
Recently also fire retardant ground cover came available on the market.
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Recent observations amongst Hagelunie clients show an increase in the number of damages to a CHP closely after having the 30,000 hours revision or a big overhaul. At this stage no explicit reason is found but attention is needed
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Around october/november many crop seasons are in their final stages. Old crops are being removed, greenhouses cleaned and preparations for the new season are taking off. It might be tempting to tighten the crop wire. But be aware! This can have a devastating effect on your greenhouse. Read more >>

Sometimes you hear growers talking about swapping the load for snow for the load of crop gutters. After all: the largest load of crop and gutter will be in summertime and obviously there will be no snow in summer. Although the train of thought is not strange, this is a mistake! Read more >>

Insights are changing. Especially when we talk about the prevention of stormdamage. Recently conducted research tells us that greenhouses are significantly stronger when the air vents are closed during a storm. Read more >>

Modern glasshouses become taller and glass sheets are getting bigger. This makes the repair of broken roof glass more and more a challenge. Professionals are scarce or not available when you need them. What if you don’t want to depend on qualified professionals? Read more >>

Maintain a high light output by periodically checking and doing maintenance on your installation! As a result you also decrease the risk of igniting combustible screens. Read more >

Make sure that newly acquired screens are fire retardant. For existing screens we advise you to replace combustible screens by fire retardant screens (NTA 8825). Read more >

Hagelunie and HortiQ have a close partnership, in which we combine our knowledge about quality of sustainable greenhouses.

Are you interested in learning more about Hagelunie & HortiQ and all the possibilities we can offer you? Come to meet us! Read more>>

Depending on the fire resistancy of your screen it is mandatory to apply a minimum distance between the screen and the artificial lights (Son-T) .
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Small adjustments in the construction, design and execution of a new greenhouse or building, can have a huge effect on the quality, sustainability, continuity and insurability of your business. Therefore ask our risk specialists in the planning phase for a free advice. Read more>

Through sudden heavy wind gusts, or by loose things that blow against the greenhouse, the glass sheets can break and cause a progressive damage to your greenhouse and crops. What can you do to prevent damage? 
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The weight of snow can vary greatly across the roof of a glasshouse and can easily exceed the maximum load. In case of overload the glass sheets will break or lead to a total collision of your glasshouse. We are happy to provide you with tips to prevent overload by snow. Read more>

Looking for solar panels on your greenhouse or commercial building? For a reliable application and an optimal installation, we are happy to give you tips on the purchase, construction, use and maintenance of solar panels. Read more>

Delivery times of greenhouse glass have increased with the use of special and tempered glass varieties. Therefore the size of glass you select when building your greenhouse is important, as well asmaintaining a small stock of glass in case a few sheets crack or break. Read more>

Minimize the risk of your silo bursting or overflowing by building it correctly and allowing for regular inspection. Read more>